The Cars will be Driving along Palanga Bypass Next Spring

2014-03-04 Construction works of Palanga bypass started on March 4 this year. The road extending 8.25 km that will bypass the resort will be built this year and the vehicles will be driving on it in May of the next year.
Construction works of Palanga bypass started on March 4 this year. The road extending 8.25 km that will bypass the resort will be built this year and the vehicles will be driving on it in May of the next year.
Palanga bypass will be constructed implementing the public-private sector partnership project Construction of Palanga Bypass and its Maintenance of the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. This is the first road construction project, implemented in the way of public-private partnership. „I used to work as the Minister of Transport and Communications, thus I am well aware of the need for this bypass road. I am glad that the first project, implemented in the way of public-private partnership is in the area of transport communications, the use of which will be perceived by both people living in Palanga and vehicle drivers, carrying cargoes. This bypass road will solve the car flow problem “, the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius said. The Minister of Transport and Communications Rimantas Sinkevičius is also positive about a new initiative when alternative sources of financing are used for construction of roads in the state: “This project is the first in the roads of national significance and I am sure, it will be a successful attempt to combine private and public partnership. I am happy that the bypass road will allow Palanga residents to be at ease first of all”. Lithuanian Road Administration prepared the project for over two years. Being aware of the experience of our neighbours, this is really fast. The first public-private partnership contract in Poland was signed only after 9 years, in Latvia - preliminary works lasted three years and finally the contract was not signed. „I am happy that Lithuanian Road Administration became the first state institution, which prepared the public-private partnership project. I wish good luck in construction of the road to contractors, so it lasts long years and brings as much  joy to users as staying in Palanga”, - Skirmantas Skrinskas, Head of Lithuanian Road Administration said. The resort was suffering from intensive traffic flows. The research showed that around 75 thousand cars pass the territory of Palanga in summertime and heavy goods vehicles pass it all year round. „The problem becomes very sore at summer weekends, when lines of cars departing from Palanga extend almost to the airport and overflow the main streets of the town. When the bypass will be constructed the transit transport will not enter the central part of Palanga, thus residents and visitors of the resort will be able to enjoy peace and fresh air”, - Šarūnas Vaitkus, Mayor of Palanga was telling. Palanga bypass is important for residents of Kretinga district too and especially to those who work in the resort or live in the close vicinity. „In summer the bypass will allow to avoid traffic jams at the entrance to Palanga coming from the national route A11 Šiauliai-Palanga. However, the residents of the district are mostly happy that the traffic at Vydmantai intersection along this road will be not restricted during 1,000 km Race. People, working in the resort and residents of neighboring villages, were not happy when the road used to be closed at Vydmantai settlement, - Juozas Mažeika, Mayor of Kretinga municipality was telling. Contractors of the project are experienced transport infrastructure construction companies Kauno tiltai and Šiaulių plentas. A road built this year leading to the route A13 Klaipėda – Liepoja of highway significance will blend in behind Palanga airport. Next summer road marking and other works related to safe traffic will be performed and the traffic on the road will be allowed from May 1st. During construction of the bypass two-level Vydmantai intersection located close to Palanga will be reconstructed and two new intersections will be built. Palanga bypass road will be maintained for 23 years by private funds. The state will start paying for the works performed and services rendered from the third year of the project implementation and will pay the price in 23 years. The project implementation price is LTL 123.6 million. A specially established company „Palangos aplinkkelis“ will manage and administrate it throughout all period of the contract. „When the contract expires, a road that meets all normative requirements and which will be in excellent condition 10 years after expiry of the contract will be conveyed into ownership of the state. World experience suggests that in implementation of projects in the way of public-private partnership the best price and quality ratio is achieved. This is the biggest advantage of such projects”, - Vitoldas Sapožnikovas, Director of the company „Palangos aplinkkelis” said.