Kauno Tiltai and Mitnija have completed the first stage of Rail Baltica

2015-10-15 Kauno Tiltai AB, the largest transportation infrastructure company in the Baltics, and Mitnija UAB, the largest construction company in Lithuania, have finished laying, remodeling and upgrading the first European gauge railway from the Šeštokai border to Marijampolė. The consortium of Kauno Tiltai and Mitnija thus completed one third of all the work planned for the Rail Baltica project. The work cost EUR 109.3 million and was carried out in just over two years, instead of the three-year term that was planned in the development stage of the project. The construction companies are now handing over their work to the client, Lithuanian Railways.

Rail Baltica is the largest railroad transportation project in the Baltic States region. The value of the work carried out by the Kaunas Tiltai-Mitnija consortium is the largest among the five main contractors engaged in this international project. The two companies constructed one third of the Rail Baltica tracks: a new 34.5 km-long and 1,435 mm-broad European standard gauge section and a remodeled 36 km-long and 1,520 mm-broad Russian gauge line.

The companies also remodeled and upgraded the Marijampolė and Kalvarija railroad stations as well as the Marijampolė–Šeštokai section. They installed 22 switch sets, 32 culverts, more than five kilometers of sound suppression walls, almost 800 m of retaining walls, 10 level crossings, eight bridges and viaducts, and an underground pedestrian crossing in the Marijampolė railroad station.

Aldas Rusevičius, CEO of Kauno Tiltai, and Julius Gendvilis, CEO of Mitnija, maintain that involvement in Rail Baltica, the key railroad infrastructure project in the region, has been a great honor and responsibility:

“We feel proud of having had the opportunity to implement this project, since we realize that we are involved in a particularly significant activity aimed at a closer interlinking of Europe. A well-developed, modern and convenient transportation infrastructure is of special significance to the development of all countries. It stimulates the economy since it offers unrestricted trade, and it encourages closer social integration since it provides more convenient opportunities for people to travel. We are pleased that our skilled and ambitious specialists have successfully completed this project, which is of strategic significance to the entire Baltic States region,” the two CEOs said in a joint statement.

In this first stage of the Rail Baltica project, Kauno Tiltai and Mitnija also upgraded the  electricity and gas systems and the rainwater and sewage drainage networks; they installed a new railroad signaling system and automated electric heating for the railroad switches.

They excavated more than 266,000 m3 of soil and used 255,000 m3 of soil for making railroad beds, and they laid 158,000 m of cable for new electricity, railroad communication and signaling systems. An average of about 300 employees worked daily on the project, using  220 different machines and equipment units for the construction work. Kauno Tiltai and Mitnija performed this work without interrupting the existing rail traffic services.