Kauno Tiltai sets up and closes landfills in accordance with the strict requirements of EU directives and environmental protection regulations. The company establishes the infrastructure and engineering networks necessary for landfills.


Vilnius County Regional Landfill. Construction of Section 2

Start date: 2011 October End date: 2012 October Value: 4 million euros
Kauno Tiltai prepared all the project documentation and constructed the second section of the landfill. The landfill’s bottom liner was set up and the embankments were constructed. Landfill monitoring and leachate collection and treatment systems were installed. In total, 240,000 m3 of soil were excavated and a landfill cell of almost 44,100 m2 was formed. The landfill bottom liner contains 4 layers with a total thickness of 1 metre.

Vilnius County Landfill Closure, Construction of Composting and Oversize Waste Collesction Sites

Start date: 2011 Mach End date: 2012 May Value: 3,2 million euros without VAT
The company closed 2 old landfills in Vilnius, opened 2 composting and 9 ovwersize waste collection sites.

Vilnius County Domestic Waste Management System Development

Start date: 2006 February End date: 2007 July Value: 9,2 million euros
The company has constructed a domestic waste landfill in the Kazokiškės settlement. The Company laid bypass roads, formed a cell and the bottom liner of the landfill, constructed an artificial geomembrane.
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