The company constructs and reconstructs tunnels, installs all communications and systems for tunnels. The company implemented the most complicated project in the Baltics from the engineering aspect - reconstructed Kaunas railway tunnel.


Construction of the Gudeliai Tunnel in Vilnius

Start date: 2009 April End date: 2011 January Value: 6 million euros without VAT
During the construction of Vilnius city western bypass stage I a 4-lane tunnel (150.57 m long) with widths from 36.42 to 48.29 m was constructed. Metal sheet piling was used to construct the tunnel‘s side supports. The reinforced concrete tracery support makes the tunnel architecturally distinctive.

Reconstruction of the Kaunas Railway Tunnel

Start date: 2007 February End date: 2009 November Value: 27,5 million euros without VAT
During reconstruction of the Kaunas railway tunnel built in 1861 a 108-metre long section of the tunnel was rebuilt, the power supply, signalling and emergency lines were renovated, security systems were installed; lighting was renewed, and a drainage system to collect groundwater from the tunnel vault was constructed. After reconstructing the portals their historical view was restored. The tunnel is 1285 metres in length, 6.6 metres high and 8.8 metres wide. »
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