Product quality

The company provides services compliant with the requirements of the strictest standards and produces materials whose high quality is acknowledged across the European Union.

Mineral materials used for the production of asphalt mixes and road construction and certified according to the requirements of the LST EN 13043 and LST EN 13285 standards are produced in Baltromiškės quarry. The asphalt mixes certified according to the requirements of the LST EN 13108-21 standard are produced in Palemonas, Pagrybė, Vievis, and Kėdainiai asphalt mixing plants. In 2008, the company was the first in Lithuania to certify asphalt mixes produced in the Palemonas and Pagrybė asphalt mixing plants.

In 2011, the certification process of surface dressing works according to the LST EN 12271 standard was successfully completed. To this effect, in the year 2010, the test sections of surface dressing were erected which had successfully stood the operational test of one year duration and granted the right to the company to certify the works of surface dressing.