Environment protection

In implementing projects on the construction of transport infrastructure the company protects and upholds its environment and continually seeks to reduce the negative impact made on it. Since 2007 the Environmental Protection Management Standard ISO 14001 has been implemented in the company; the implementation of the requirements and set goals is facilitated by the Integrated Management System.

Environmental protection and its preservation measures are consistently planned and improved in the company. Processes and actions on environmental protection management are supervised by the company’s specialists, who have the necessary qualifications, experience and skills.

In carrying out its construction assembly works the company abides by legal and other requirements on environmental protection; it identifies and evaluates the aspects of environmental protection that may have a positive or negative impact on the environment. The company encourages every employee to become consciously involved in the prevention of pollution, to advance knowledge, to be an active participant in the improvement of environmental protection activities, and to abide by all legal and other requirements on environmental protection applied by the company.

Seeking to prevent accidents and incidents, staff members of the company’s internal audit and quality control department carry out internal audits on a regular basis. Over 100 internal inspections are carried out in the company each year. In addition, the company is also audited every nine months by an external certified company, Bureau Veritas Lit UAB.

During the previous financial year the company acquired a permit to crush construction and demolition debris in the Baltromiškės field of useful resources; this means that it can use construction demolition debris repeatedly in construction as secondary raw materials. Last year also saw the modernisation of the boiler house for the equipment repair workshop; a washhouse, for cars and equipment, with a water recirculation system was installed in the equipment unit of the Vievis facility. To ensure water pollution reduction, surface rainwater drain cleaning facilities are being modernised in production facilities.

The Environmental Protection Management System helps the company ensure business development, reduces the costs of raw materials and energy, reduces the number of accidents and waste management costs, and improves work conditions and relationships with different interested parties.