About Company

Kauno Tiltai is the largest transport infrastructure company in the Baltics. Since the start of operations in 1949, the company has built over 100 bridges, and constructed and reconstructed a large number of roads in Lithuania.
The growth of the company has led to an expansion of its portfolio of activities. Currently it includes not only motorway and road construction projects, but also a number of others, e.g. the construction of tunnels, railways, airports, water ports, erection of engineering and energy networks, production of building materials, and installation of waste facility sites.

In any one year the company implements up to 300 projects of different size and complexity, starting with the very smallest and finishing with the largest transport infrastructure facilities in Lithuania. To ensure quality control, Kauno Tiltai has its own certified laboratory whose test results are recognised throughout the EU.

Over 1,000 employees are employed in the company, of which 200 are highly qualified transport infrastructure construction engineers.

Kauno Tiltai has been part of „Trakcja PRKil S.A.”, a group of infrastructure and energy construction companies operating in Poland and Lithuania, since 19 April 2011. The main „Trakcja PRKil S.A.” shareholder – COMSA Corporación is the largest unlisted Spanish construction and engineering group. With over 125 years of experience, the company mostly operates in the fields of railway infrastructure, civil works and building, industrial installations and systems, maintenance and services, as well as additional businesses of technology, renewable energies and environment. The group is located in 24 countries, its turnover accounts more than 1,000 million Euro and has a workforce over 8,000 people.