“Akademija@Kauno Tiltai” building bridges between science and business

In the global economy of knowledge and innovations our consumer habits, everyday routine, needs, and even values rapidly change. The role of business changes as well. The leading companies today can no longer limit their operations to the implementation of direct functions. Competition has taken business from the national to the international arena. The main focus of today’s competitive marketplace is no longer raw materials or other physical resources. People and their ideas have become the most valuable business capital.

The vision of the “Akademija@Kauno Tiltai” program was borne through understanding that progress and innovations are created where business and science unite their ideological and human potential for a common purpose. Kauno Tiltai AB as the leader on the Lithuania market is often faced with the need to attract the best young talents, create stimulating working conditions, and ensure continuous qualification improvement of employees. Raising future company employees and offering students the opportunity to use the best practical knowledge are some of the main goals of “Akademija@Kauno Tiltai”, but there are more. “Akademija@Kauno Tiltai” will integrate its current scientific projects and new initiatives into one platform, which together with educational and scientific institutions will help find future engineering solutions. We hope that this will open doors for new modernisation opportunities for the infrastructure sector in Lithuania. We also believe that “Akademija@Kauno Tiltai” will demonstrate that engineering sciences are an interesting and creative choice that promises a rewarding career for young people willing to create their future.

The company will participate in the “Akademija@Kauno Tiltai” project on a pro bono basis. Other program partners are Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Kaunas Technical College, and the Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology.

The program will offer the following activities: scholarships for scientific research, opportunity for students to do internships at Kaunas Tiltai and obtain valuable information from its experts, consultations with partners on the improvement of study programs, voluntary participation in various science promotion projects, introduction of engineering specialities at schools, and other activities.

If you would like to contribute to the activities of “Akademija@Kauno Tiltai”, please send your suggestions and ideas to:

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