Health and safety

Occupational health and safety is one of the main priorities in Kauno Tiltai AB. The Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard OHSAS 18001 has been implemented in the company since 2007; the implementation of the requirements and set goals is facilitated by the Integrated Management System.

Supervision of occupational health and safety is regularly improved. Qualified and experienced specialists analyse the environment, and investigate and assess possible risks in the workplace. Efforts are made to provide every employee with safe and healthy work conditions; they are trained to operate special construction machinery and to perform hazardous works in a safe manner. Employees have an annual health check-up. They are also supplied with personal and collective protection devices at the start of their employment and on a regular basis thereafter.

Seeking to prevent accidents and incidents, staff members of the company’s internal audit and quality control department carry out internal audits on a regular basis. Over 100 internal inspections are carried out in the company each year. In addition, the company is also audited every nine months by an external certified company, Bureau Veritas Lit UAB.

Efforts are made to ensure that not only occupational safety specialists, but also all company employees take care of their health and safety at work. Each employee is the best judge of their own work, therefore, when improving measures for the implementation of occupational and health goals, consideration is given to the expectations and proposals submitted by employees.

Continuous improvement to, and implemented occupational health and safety conditions not only protect employees against accidents, incidents and occupational diseases, but also improve the economic indicators of the company.