Development of Kaunas Airport. Designing and construction of a new taxiway and platform

Start date: 2013 June End date: 2014 October Value: 3 million euros
Expanding the southern part of Kaunas airport the company will design and construct a new 190 m-long and 23.2 m-broad taxiway with 10-m broad edge safety strips; will install a platform with an area of 21.2 thousand m2. The new taxiway will be marked with horizontal marking; 41 airfields light will be installed. To ensure safety of the airport a video surveillance system and platform lighting will be installed; also a power supply line will be reconstructed, and a new electrical substation will be built. Over 400 m-long new technological airport roads will be constructed. Surface water purification equipment will be mounted, as well as the construction of drainage and water diversion system will be carried out. Works will be performed without interrupting airport-related activities. By implementing the project the company will coordinate the construction works with the aircraft flight schedule, and will employ special occupational safety measures.