Reconstruction of Infrastructure of the Smiltynė Yacht Harbour in Klaipėda

Start date: 2010 March End date: 2011 November Value: 4,2 million euros without VAT
During reconstruction the basins of the yacht harbour were deepened, the 565-metre long quays were substantially reconstructed, the 204-metre long breakwater was repaired. The harbour infrastructure was modernized (lightning and electric power lines, navigation and information systems), the safety assurance measures were implemented and a harbour recreation area was established. During reconstruction 7.500 m3 of silt and other drifts, accumulated in the water area over a long period of time, were removed. In the result, the basins became deeper: depth of the basin at the first quay is 3.5 metres, at the second quay – up to 2.5 metres. The Reconstructed Quays and Breakwater Both quays of the harbour, with the total length of 565 metres, were reinforced with a metal anchored bulkhead. The edge of quays was mounted from the rounded black and smooth concrete blocks manufactured according to a special design of this project. The same type of concrete blocks was also used to finish the vertical wall of the quay and the breakwater. The outer part of the breakwater (from the side of Curonian Lagoon) was repaired using special mixes and covered with black epoxy mastic, while the upper edge of the breakwater was rounded off. The Modernized Harbour Infrastructure At the first quay the heavy-type pontoons with the mooring fingers were installed which are capable to accommodate 36 mooring vessels: - 16 berthing places for the vessels up to 9 metres long, - 14 berthing places for the vessels up to 12 metres long, - 15 berthing places for the vessels up to 6 metres long. At the pontoons a 16-metre long slip was installed which is used to lift yachts with a mobile self-propelled crane. This type of crane is the first in the yacht harbours of Lithuania. At the first quay where there are no pontoons the additional mooring bollards with 100 kN loading capacity were erected. They are intended for the temporary mooring of vessels. At the pontoons of the second quay 29 vessels up to 9 metres long will be able to temporary moor. In addition, a slip for lifting the dinghies has also been installed here. In the course of works the engineering and communication networks were installed: the pontoons were provided with electric power, water supply, domestic wastewater discharge systems, also the fire-prevention water supply network with water storage reservoirs. There is an Internet access in the harbour. The harbour offers columns for pumping out domestic wastewater and water from the holds. To inform the harbour-entering yachts about the berthing places a billboard has been installed on the protrusion between the first and the second quays showing the basins and the numbers of berthing places in the basins. The Implemented Safety Systems To ensure safe navigation the entrance beacons have been installed. The green dimmable beacon is located on the northern part of the quay, the red dimmable one – at the end of the breakwater. The beacons are approximately 8 metres above the water level. Visibility of the beacon lights is less than 3 miles. To ensure safe departure from the harbour two-colour (red and green) traffic lights were installed on the corners of the exits of basins. The traffic lights prohibit yachts from departing the harbour during the time when large vessels sail across the water area of the Klaipėda State Sea Port, those which are not able to divert from the channel axis. The harbour was equipped with a circular fire-fighting system with underground hydrants and fire-prevention reservoir. The hydrants are located in a way to ensure the outside fire-fighting of the object from two sources. If necessary, the hydrants may also be used to fight the fire in yachts. Depending on the specific features of the territory a video surveillance system was installed on 4.5-metre high metal structures to ensure the security of vessels berthed to the quays. The Modernized Recreational Area of the Harbour Seeking to ensure the aesthetical view the whole surfacing of the harbour (roads, paths, etc.) was laid from dark concrete blocks. For the convenience of visitors a pedestrian and bicycle path was built at a 1.5-metre distance from the quay, also the rest areas with modern benches and the bike racks. A modern lighting of the harbour was installed with the classical bell-shaped lanterns. The old crane used for lifting yachts, as the object included into the Registry of Immovable Cultural Heritage Sites, was restored. It perfectly fits into the overall environment of the renewed harbour and becomes a one more object to be visited in a modern yacht harbour. It is noteworthy that the relief within the area of all quays and the breakwater is neither ascending nor descending, thus, it will be accessible to the disabled.