The first Project of Kauno Tiltai Company in Latvia

2012-09-26 Kauno Tiltai, the biggest transport infrastructure company in the Baltic Countries, after winning a tender announced by Latvijas Valsts ceļi VAB, signed the first contract on construction works in Latvia. »

Cable laying works in Vilnius western bypass half-way through

2012-09-13 Kauno Tiltai Company is half-way through laying high voltage underground power transmission cables in Vilnius Western bypass. From the beginning of the second stage of constructing the Western bypass - L.Asanavičiūtė St. up to the future pedestrian bridge in V. Maciulevičius St. – 110 kV cables have already been laid down in a 1.5 km-long section. A section of underground cables of the very same length will be installed up to Viršuliškės transformer station. The Company plans to disassemble the over 3 km-long overhead power transmission line instead of which the underground high voltage cables are currently being laid down by November 2013, although according to the project agreement the works are to be accomplished by February 2014. »

The Kauno tiltai consortium will replace the power line in the Vilnius Western bypass

2012-02-24 The consortium of the largest in the Baltics road and bridge construction company Kauno tiltai will replace the 110 kW power line in the Vilnius Western bypass under construction for the total value of LTL 33,5 million litas (without VAT). This is the first large-scale energy project implemented in Lithuania by Kauno tiltai. »

Kauno tiltai AB will reconstruct the Panemunė Bridge

2012-01-02 The largest road and bridge construction company in the Baltics, Kauno tiltai AB, is going to reconstruct the Panemunė Bridge in Kaunas. The total value of works amounts to LTL 85.1 million (excluding VAT). The bridge reconstruction works will last for 30 months. »