Kauno Tiltai is the largest transport infrastructure company in the Baltics. The company presents objects it has built in the competition for the Outstanding Product of the Year organised by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.

Construction of a new road to Vilnius Airport. IXB transport corridor

Road infrastructure construction Project “Connection of IXB transport corridor (Žirniai str.) and Vilnius International Airport” has been completed within 6 months and was awarded a gold medal at the contest Product of the Year 2013.

Reconstruction of the Jakai Roundabout in Klaipėda, Stage I

During reconstruction of the Jakai roundabout, a four-lane overpass, the longest in Lithuania – 610-metres – was built. It was awarded a gold medal at the contest Product of the Year 2010.

Construction of the Missing Link of Transport Corridor IXB

During construction of the missing link of IXB transport corridor, a 380-m long overpass was built. This project received the highest award at the Outstanding Product of the Year 2008 – a gold medal.

Reconstruction of the Kaunas Railway Tunnel

During reconstruction of the Kaunas railway tunnel built in 1861, a 108-metre long section was rebuilt. This project received the highest award at the Outstanding Product of the Year 2009 – a gold medal.


Construction of the railway line „Rail Baltica“

Start date: 2013 June End date: 2015 January Value: 109 million euros
Implementing the construction of Rail Baltica railway line of international significance in the railway section Šeštokai – Marijampolė the company will construct two different width railway tracks: 34.5 km-long 1,435 mm-broad gauge meeting the European standard, and will reconstruct 35.9 km-long 1,520 mm-broad gauge meeting the Russian standard. »

Construction of the second tracks in the railway line Šiauliai- Klaipėda

Start date: 2012 October End date: 2014 August Value: 78,9 million euros without VAT
In the Western Lithuania, section Šiauliai- Klaipėda, the company builds the second tracks. In total, 22.1 km of railway tracks will be constructed; when making new track formations 0,5 million m3 of the ground will be excavated, and 11culverts will be installed. During reconstruction of the electricity, communication and signalling networks, 140 km of cables will be laid down, heating of switches will be installed, and noise reduction walls will be erected.

Construction of the Second Track in Kyviškės – Valčiūnai section of Vilnius Bypass on the Corridor IX B

Start date: 2011 December End date: 2014 October Value: 62 million euros without VAT
The main objective of the project is to build the second track of the corridor IXB and to divert the train traffic from the Vilnius City centre. A consortium of companies under the management of Kauno tiltai AB will have to finish reconstruction works within 33 months. After reconstruction the freight trains will be able to travel along the bypass which will be 24-km long at a speed of up to 80 km per hour.

Renewal and Modernization of Infrastructure of the Radviliškis – Pagėgiai- State Border Railway Section on the Corridor IA, Stage I

Start date: 2010 November End date: 2012 October Value: 23 million euros without VAT
35 kilometres of track will be reconstructed in the Radviliškis - Pagėgiai railway section. It is planned to lay new rails, to correct the width of railway bed in some places, to partially rearrange drainage and crossings, to install water channels, to repair the existing and to install the new aprons and pedestrian crossings, to reconstruct culverts and the lighting system.

Klaipėda Railway Hub Developement, stage I. Draugystė Station Track Network Reconstruction

Start date: 2010 January End date: 2013 January Value: 38 million euros
During the project 28.247 km of railway was constructed, and the existing railway was reconstructed. Switches were replaced by new ones with reinforced concrete sleepers or relaid on reinforced sleepers. Unnecessary tracks interfering with the development of the railway network were removed. Drainage, automation, communication and power supply systems were installed.

Reconstruction of the Railway Structures Located on the Crete Corridors IXB and IXD in Lithuania

Start date: 2004 July End date: 2005 October Value: 1,5 million euros without VAT
The reinforced concrete railway bridges were reconstructed. The works were carried out without closing the train traffic, i.e. during the breaks of traffic. The railway track was disassembled: the grate was removed and the ballast was discharged. The span structure was dismantled, the existing ballast was removed. A metal culvert was installed which was covered with sandy soil. A layer of crushed granite ballast was also laid and a new grate was built. Also, the finishing works were carried out.