Kauno Tiltai is the largest transport infrastructure company in the Baltics. The company presents objects it has built in the competition for the Outstanding Product of the Year organised by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.

Construction of a new road to Vilnius Airport. IXB transport corridor

Road infrastructure construction Project “Connection of IXB transport corridor (Žirniai str.) and Vilnius International Airport” has been completed within 6 months and was awarded a gold medal at the contest Product of the Year 2013.

Reconstruction of the Jakai Roundabout in Klaipėda, Stage I

During reconstruction of the Jakai roundabout, a four-lane overpass, the longest in Lithuania – 610-metres – was built. It was awarded a gold medal at the contest Product of the Year 2010.

Construction of the Missing Link of Transport Corridor IXB

During construction of the missing link of IXB transport corridor, a 380-m long overpass was built. This project received the highest award at the Outstanding Product of the Year 2008 – a gold medal.

Reconstruction of the Kaunas Railway Tunnel

During reconstruction of the Kaunas railway tunnel built in 1861, a 108-metre long section was rebuilt. This project received the highest award at the Outstanding Product of the Year 2009 – a gold medal.


Reconstruction of the trunk road A12 Riga- Šiaulia- Tauragė- Kaliningrad of state significance

Start date: 2014 May End date: 2015 May Value: 8,2 million euros
The company will reconstruct a 6.5 km-long section of the trunk road A12 Riga- Šiauliai- Tauragė-Kaliningrad of state significance (from 160 km to 166.5 km) in Tauragė region. A roundabout will be built at the beginning of the section under reconstruction (at the intersection with the regional road No. 199), a 20 m-long viaduct across the railway will be reconstructed, and utility networks will be renewed.

Construction of Palanga bypass. A project carried under public and private partnership

Start date: 2013 April End date: 2038 April Value: 36 million euros
Construction of over 8-km long Palanga bypass is the first project in the road construction sector implemented by way of private and public partnership in Lithuania. Within 2 years the company will construct a new section of A13 Klaipėda-Liepāja trunk road, which before transferring it to the state ownership will be maintained for 23 years. »

Reconstruction of E85 Vilnius- Kaunas- Klaipėda highway

Start date: 2013 January End date: 2014 January Value: 27 million euros without VAT
The company will reconstruct four sections of the E85 Vilnius - Kaunas-Klaipėda highway. In total, the company will strengthen 25 km of the road surfacing, will reconstruct 2 bridges – across the Ančia and Lokysta Rivers, 3 viaducts, will implement road-safety measures and will reconstruct engineering networks.

Reconstruction of the Trans-European network route E77 (Ryga-Šiauliai-Tauragė-Kaliningrad), II stage

Start date: October 2012 End date: October 2013 Value: 6,7 million euros without VAT
During reconstruction of the trans-European network route E77 Ryga-Šiauliai-Tauragė-Kaliningrad, over 5 km of the roadway surface will be renewed, i.e. from 92.5 km to 98.0 km. The road to be renewed belongs to A II category, has two traffic lanes, each 3.5 m wide. Width of the roadbed - 12 m. Also, the existing power networks and drain system will be renewed in the road section under reconstruction. Viaduct decks in 94,885 and 95.87 km will be replaced.

Asphalting of 10 km section of the Latvian route P36 Rezekne- Gulbene and reconstruction of the bridge

Start date: 2012 September End date: 2013 October Value: 6 million euros without VAT
During 13 months of signing the contact, Kauno Tiltai Company will asphalt a section from 76.30 km to 86.60 km (10 km) on the 1st category route P36 Rezekne- Gulbene, and will reconstruct a metal bridge across the Pededze River.

Construction of a new road to Vilnius Airport. IXB transport corridor

Start date: 2013 April End date: 2013 October Value: 16 million euros
A newly constructed street will connect IXB transport corridor with Vilnius International Airport. By implementing the project, a two-level intersection with connecting roads will be built on Žirniai Street, a street between the viaduct and Tyzenhauzai Street, also sections of A. Gustaitis and Tyzenhauzai Streets will be reconstructed. The total length of bridges and streets- about 3.4 km. It is expected that the newly constructed street in Vilnius will enable to improve communication between the city and the airport. »

Trans-European Network Route E85.Construction of the Vilnius Southern Bypass.Contract No.3

Start date: 2011 November End date: 2013 December Value: 21,6 million euros without VAT
During the project Kirtimų Street will be reconstructed from 3.48 km to 7.85 km, and a Street parallel to Kirtimų Street with a pedestrian-bicycle path will be built; also a two level intersection with a viaduct across Kirtimų Street will be installed, a viaduct across the railway and the prospective street, and a two-level intersection at the Kirtimų Street and Eišiškių road with a tunnel under Kirtimų Street will be constructed.

Trans-European Network Route E85. Construction of the Vilnius Southern Bypass. Contract No.2

Start date: 2011 October End date: 2013 November Value: 20 million euros without VAT
During the project Kirtimų Street in Vilnius (from 2.08 km to 3.48 km) and a Street section with acceleration-deceleration lanes in Galvės Street will be reconstructed. In addition, a new Street parallel to Kirtimų Street with a roundabout to Granito Streets will be built; also a two-level intersection of Kirtimai-Galvė Streets and a two-level intersection of Kirtimų Street with the railway and a pedestrian-bicycle viaduct, as well as a scaffold bridge over the railway and a roundabout with Fermentų Street will be built.

Reconstruction of A. Juozapavičiaus Avenue

Start date: 2011 June End date: 2012 December Value: 10,9 million euros without VAT
A 2.6-km long section of the Avenue from Karaliaus Mindaugo Avenue to the Panemunė Bridge will be reconstructed by widening it up to 14 metres. In addition, the footways, the traffic lights and the rainwater discharge system will be renewed.

Reconstruction of the Trans-European Road E85 (Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda). Pavement Reconstruction. Contract No.3, part I and II

Start date: 2010 July End date: 2010 December Value: 11,6 million euros without VAT
Based on the first and second construction contracts, asphalt pavement in certain sections of the highway A1 Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda were strengthened, the deck of viaducts at Vincentava, Pagrybis and Endrejavas intersections were replaced. Lighting was installed in a viewing point located in 216.95–220.30 km.

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