Kauno Tiltai is the largest transport infrastructure company in the Baltics. The company presents objects it has built in the competition for the Outstanding Product of the Year organised by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.

Construction of a new road to Vilnius Airport. IXB transport corridor

Road infrastructure construction Project “Connection of IXB transport corridor (Žirniai str.) and Vilnius International Airport” has been completed within 6 months and was awarded a gold medal at the contest Product of the Year 2013.

Reconstruction of the Jakai Roundabout in Klaipėda, Stage I

During reconstruction of the Jakai roundabout, a four-lane overpass, the longest in Lithuania – 610-metres – was built. It was awarded a gold medal at the contest Product of the Year 2010.

Construction of the Missing Link of Transport Corridor IXB

During construction of the missing link of IXB transport corridor, a 380-m long overpass was built. This project received the highest award at the Outstanding Product of the Year 2008 – a gold medal.

Reconstruction of the Kaunas Railway Tunnel

During reconstruction of the Kaunas railway tunnel built in 1861, a 108-metre long section was rebuilt. This project received the highest award at the Outstanding Product of the Year 2009 – a gold medal.

All projects

Development of the Trans-European Network Road E262 (Kaunas-Zarasai-Daugavpils). Pavement Reconstruction. Contract No.1

Start date: 2010 April End date: 2010 November Value: 7,6 million euros without VAT
The road pavement was strengthened and widened on the road E262 (A6) Kaunas-Zarasai-Daugavpils and the existing bridge structures were reconstructed in a section from 47.88 to 66.20 km. The project was implemented with a joint activity partner.

Development of the Transport Corridor IA. Contract No. 1/1

Start date: 2010 February End date: 2010 November Value: 3,4 million euros without VAT
The road pavement on the road E77 (A12) of international significance was strengthened and widened in a section from 105 to119.8 km, the bridge across Kražantė River was reconstructed. The traffic safety improvement measure were installed, engineering networks were reconstructed. In Pakražantis settlement the lightning of the road and the pedestrian path was installed.

Construction of Alytus Industrial Park

Start date: 2009 October End date: 2010 October Value: 2,7 million euros without VAT
Five new Streets and access roads were built in the territory of Alytus industrial park, engineering networks were laid. A medium pressure gas pipeline, mains sewerage system, lighting networks and telephone communications were installed. The width of the newly-built traffic lanes ranges from 2.75 m to 5.25 m, the number of traffic lanes – 2, the length of Streets – from 362.3 m to 1.2 km, the width of footways – from 1.5 m to 2 m.

Reconstruction of the Vilnius- Kaunas- Klaipėda road section across Grigiškės

Start date: 2009 July End date: 2010 June Value: 5,6 million euros without VAT
During reconstruction a 2.71-metre long road pavement and road shoulder were strengthened, a 2.46-km long pedestrian and bicycle paths were built; new 1.014-km long connecting roads and a grade-separated intersection were built. In addition, a bridge across the Vokė River, a viaduct across the railway and two underground pedestrian crossings were reconstructed. Also, the works included the building of a pedestrian viaduct, the installation of guardrails and wire fencing against wild animals, and the reconstruction of engineering networks.

Construction of the Vilnius Western bypass: stage I

Start date: 2009 April End date: 2011 January Value: 14,6 million euros without VAT
During the first construction stage a bypass section with six traffic lanes in both directions was built from Oslo to L. Asanavičiūtės Streets. Acceleration and deceleration lanes were constructed before each intersection. Two grade-separated scaffold bridges were constructed in Oslo Street, and a tunnel-type viaduct was built in Lazdynai near Gudeliai. New engineering networks were reconstructed and a new lighting was installed.

Reconstruction of the National Road No. 143 Jonava- Žąsliai- Kalniniai- Mijaugonys of National Significance

Start date: 2008 July End date: 2008 October Value: 2 million euros without VAT
During this project the InLine Pave technology was used for the first time in Lithuania. The use of this technology allows a timesaving of up to 40% in the time required for the production of asphalt pavement, as well as reduction in the consumption of materials. The new technology increases the bearing capacity of asphalt structure, which in turn enhances its resistance to rutting.

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